Moondog "Chalk" Remix

Co-Producer, Director, Editor


    In Lebron James' early days as a Cleveland Cavalier, his pregame "chalk throw" became a recognizable ritual.


    It was soon featured in a campaign by Nike to accompany the release of the Lebron "Chalk" 2 signature basketball shoe. The shoe premiered during a Cavaliers game with an accompanying commercial that was broadcast nationally during tv time outs, as well as in-stadium. During the game fans in attendance were given white confetti, and encouraged to join LeBron in the ritual 

    The remix was produced with Moondog as a humorous companion piece in partnership Cleveland Cavaliers and Nike brand managers. Special care was taken to replicate the atmosphere and creative direction of the original piece. It was played in-stadium during a break shortly after the premiere of the official commercial, and was featured on cavs.com.

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