NFL Draft


for Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment

Chicago 2016, Dallas 2018, Nashville 2019

    The 2016 NFL Draft was held in Chicago's Auditorium Theater. The Stage featured 7 separate LED screens of various resolutions and placements. The "show intro" piece was specifically designed to highlight multiple displays working independently of each other, but also as a single, larger display.


    In 2018 The NFL Draft was held on the field at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in front of a massive 18k video screen and under what was at the time the largest centerhung videoboard on earth. The resolution of the fields screens required 5 editors with 2 workstations per-editor. The team optimized organization, production, and delivery of content for all possible college prospects, going to any of the 32 NFL Teams at a moments notice.   

In 2019 the NFL Draft set attendance records as as it was held on Main Street in Nashville Tennessee. A specialized multi-screen wipe was created for each of the 32 teams, to highlight the moment each team makes their pick. This 'master' content is rendered out to individual board sizes and separate formats for synchronous playback at the crucial moment.

Chicago 2015

Dallas 2018

Nashville 2019

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